2012 Mother’s Day **** $50 Cloth Diaper Prize Pack *** Giveaway (Ends 5/12/12)


Mother’s Day is almost here and we are celebrating

with our love for cloth diapers!

Welcome to the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop hosted by Daily Mothering! Nearly 100 blogs have linked up to bring you dozens and dozens of exciting cloth diaper giveaways. Enter my giveaway below and then hop to the other blogs listed at the bottom of this post to enter their fluffy giveaways too! Each blog has a cloth diaper prize valued at $15 or more, and many blogs have prize packs worth over $100. And, don’t forget to enter the GRAND PRIZE giveaway at Daily Mothering for your chance to win this amazing $1300 Cloth Diaper Prize Pack!


In honor of all the wonderful mommas out there I am personally sponsoring not one but TWO Mother’s Day Giveaways! This one is for a cloth diaper gift set valued at $50! The other giveaway is for a designer necklace made by Margaret Furlong Designs valued at $92 ! Lets take a closer look at the cloth diaper giveaway ….


This cloth diaper prize pack giveaway is

valued at $50 !

The PRIZES are …

  • A book written by Kelly Wels called Changing Diapers: The Hip Mom’s Guide to Cloth Diapering (retail value $17.95). I have my own copy and have found it a great refrence tool and starting point for newbie cloth diaperers and those curious about cloth. Inside you will find answers on how to wash cloth diapers, what you need to begin, definitions to cloth diaper vocabulary, and the types of fabrics used nad styles of cloth diapers.


  • Lil’ Joey All-in-one (retail value $29.95) cloth diapers are so cute and one of the smallest newborn diapers in the cloth diaper world. The winner of this giveaway will get TWO of these cute newborn diapers (colors: 1-powder blue and 1-pumpkin)! Some mommas have bought atleast one Lil Joey for use in newborn pictures. Features include:
    • Sewn in soaker
    • inner gussets to help prevent leaks
    • snap-down middle to help prevent diaper from irritating your babys umbilical stump
    • 2 rows of snaps to help the diaper grow with your baby and last longer
    • Fits babies from premie to 12+
    • Helps fill the gap between newborn diapers and the use of one-size diapers (which don’t always fit right from birth)


  • Liners help prolong the life of your cloth diapers, make changing and cleaning diapers easier, and some liners have beneificial features for your baby. Hemp Babies raw silk liner (retail value $2.50) is reusable and has anti-bacterial & mpoisture wicking properties to help keep your baby dry and reduce the risk of diaper rashes. You will get one of these in the prize pack.


  • When caring for your cloth diapers it is important to us cloth diaper safe detergent and that is why I am including a sample of bumGenius laundry detergent which is safe to use on cloth diapers.



Total cloth diaper prize pack value ~ $50.00 !

To enter use the Rafflecoptor form below!


Good luck mommas!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


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2012 Hannah Necklace by Margaret Furlong Designs


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150 Responses to “2012 Mother’s Day **** $50 Cloth Diaper Prize Pack *** Giveaway (Ends 5/12/12)”

  1. Allison says:

    We started because of the environmental impact. I hated the idea of throwing away so many diapers. We do use disposables on occasion, but I’m trying to get out of them completely.

  2. Polly Valenzuela says:

    I started cloth diapering because it was better for my baby and i was going to save money..

  3. Erica Lee says:

    My hubby suggested it, and I fell in love after a “trial” I did to see if I would like them.

  4. Anne says:

    We started to use cloth diapers because our family was growing and buying disposables for 2 was too expensive!

  5. Robin Sullivan says:

    I started when I realized I was going to have 2 in diapers and didn’t want to spend all that money. My second ended up being very sensitive to disposables when he was a baby so it was a good thing I started cloth.

  6. Sarah Jane says:

    I started cloth diapering to save money.

  7. Nicole says:

    I started cloth diapering as part of my “Become a Stay at Home Mom” plan. It worked! And I love cloth diapering :)

  8. Jenny says:

    to save $

  9. racheal says:

    We started using cloth to save money. It is also better for the environment and for baby!

  10. Jessica A. says:

    I was originally desperate to save money, but ended up loving it and now i am addicted lol!

  11. Laura K says:

    We started cloth diapering because of horrible butt rashes (which are very seldom now) and money. Now I’m addicted and trying to get my friends and family addicted as well! :)

  12. Melissa H. says:

    I’m deciding to cloth diaper mainly for health/environment reasons. Plus, it’s cute! :)

  13. jennifer bowen says:

    i wanted to enter this for my oldest girl sice she be haveing here frist and well that way if i win it will help her save some money.

  14. Heather Root says:

    I am starting to use them because in the long run they are cheaper.

  15. Bert says:

    My hubby is the one who really wanted us to use CD as a way to save money.

  16. Natalia Fernandez-Perez says:

    I started to CD to save us on money. We had two children in diapers at the time & since then have constantly had two in cloth at once.

  17. susanne wedel says:

    to save money

  18. Bekah Kuczenski says:

    I want to save $, help the environment, and cloth diapers are just so cute!

  19. Beth R says:

    It was orignially to save money. Now I am addicted
    beth.rees333 at gmail dot com

  20. Erin Slocum says:

    We cloth diaper to save money and because my daughter has super sensitive skin. Bamboo is one of the only things that can touch her.

  21. Amanda N. says:

    We started cloth diapering because I couldn’t stand the thought of all those disposables piling up in a landfill.

  22. Mrs. Cox says:

    Originally began using cloth with our first child because of the expense and waste using disposables. An added bonus is how cute a cloth booty cutie is :D

  23. christina says:

    I started cloth diapering to save money.

  24. Ashley Harris says:

    started using cloth at 7 months. :]

  25. Jenelle D. says:

    We started CDing because disposables were giving my kids nasty rashes.

  26. Nicole says:

    I started cloth diapering because my oldest son had an allergy to disposable diapers

  27. Michelle E says:

    The green factor was important. We waste so much and cloth cuts down on waste.

  28. Shaina says:

    What a fantastic giveaway! :-) I’m so excited to cover my new baby in fluff this August!! I wish I had used cloth with my first, but I know better this time! :-D

  29. Julie Ghrist says:

    I started cloth to save money and now i do it for much more important reasons like my environment and my babies health!

  30. Tiffany M says:

    I started cloth diapering after my two girls ended up with horrific chemical burns from disposables.

  31. Nicole says:

    I started because they’re cute, then learned the benefits! :P

  32. Justice Montgomery says:

    I began considering with my fourth pregnancy. It wasn’t until baby #5 was 5 months old that we actually made the leap to cloth due to financial reasons.

  33. Mrs.Z says:

    I started cloth because my daughter was rashing with every kind of disposable.

  34. Janelle Prentice says:

    I started cloth diapering to save money and now I’m hooked!

  35. Sophia St. John says:

    Better for baby, my wallet and the environment!

  36. Darien M says:

    I started cloth diapering because the chemicals in disposables scare me!

  37. Brandi Elam says:

    We use cloth to minimize chemicals against our baby’s skin.

  38. Nikki W says:

    First for cost, won over by the health benefits.

  39. veronica c says:

    I first considered Cding for saving money. But they’ve made me a lot greener

  40. Mae says:

    Save the budget and they’re cute!

  41. Courtney says:

    I started cloth diapering because my sister-in-law insisted it’s different than when my mom cloth diapered. Boy was she right!

  42. Amanda Maupin says:

    We switched to cloth for the money savings. The environmental and health factors also played a large part in our decision. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Dana says:

    I started cloth diapering to save money on disposables AND because they are darn cute!

  44. Mrs. Z says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. Nicole says:

    I could so use that Kelly Wels book. I have a friend who is very interested in cloth diapering her first. She is due in September. I am so excited for her!!

  46. My main reason for using cloth diapers was because both my husband and I have very sensitive skin and we both had to use cloth as babies. Some other reasons are the environmental impact and the cost savings . . . Oh, and they are so darn cute! Seriously, what is cuter than a chubby little munchkin in nothing but a cloth diaper?

  47. Christina says:

    My husband and I are considering cloth diapering for many reasons. Cost, and the environmentally reasons are the main two reasons…plus they are so cute.

  48. Kari Williams says:

    We were looking for an alternative to nasty expensive disposables. Found gdiapers… it snowballed from there. We no longer use gidapers, but LOVE cloth for a million reasons.

  49. Erynne Mitchell says:

    I started cloth diapering to protect my son’s tush after the debacle with the Pampers StayDri diapers… and then cloth diapering turned into an addiction. :)

  50. Kayla Nicholson says:

    I started cloth diapering because my first baby, my boy, had such sensitive skin that I was spending a ton on expensive diapers. It drove my crazy that he would break out so bad, and that 50 bucks a week almost was goig down a drain..or to a landfill. we started close to potty training, but I continued with my newest addition. =) She is now 8months old and I Just love buying diapers, liners etc. I am obsessed. I would love to win this because it comes with a great book for learning MORE about cloth diapering. I just recently went to GCDC in centrailia, WA and was told “Aw you seem like you know sooo much ; you are a professional.” to this I replyed NOONE is ever done learning about CD. everyday there is something new. We will have another baby so I’d love to try these NB CD. I also would LOVE to try a sampl of REAl detergent as I use Tide. BLAHHH. Anyways Im blabbing GREAT BLOG and great gifts! =)

  51. Hannah D says:

    I wanted to cloth diaper because of the low cost and convenience but then learned how bad disposables are and very glad I chose cloth!

  52. Alicia L says:

    We started cloth diapering because of how much better it is for DS. I think disposables are just nasty.

  53. Lindsey G. says:

    I started using CDs to save money!

  54. Dan L. says:

    Thanks for all the awesome sharing you do! It perks up our days and facebook newsfeed!

  55. Layla Ringhoff says:

    I started to save money and i have become an addict!

  56. Robyn B says:

    I wanted to cloth diaper even before my baby was born for multiple reasons but the top ones are 1) Save on money 2) I want my daughter potty trained as soon as possible &3) it just makes sense.

  57. Jessie Murray says:

    I started cloth diapering because we were having rash issues with sposies!

  58. Dandi D says:

    We wanted to save money

  59. Alycia says:

    I considered cloth before DS was born to save money and now we’re hooked!

  60. Alycia says:

    Thanks for a great giveaway- this has all the stuff we need right now!

  61. Sara M says:

    I started cloth diapering because I didn’t want the chemicals of disposables on my child.

  62. Kelly says:

    I want to cloth diaper because of the cost benefit, and the diapers are so cute.

  63. Michelle R says:

    I’m starting for the cost, health and cuteness

  64. Teresha says:

    I started cloth diapering to help the environment

  65. Rachael Grossman says:

    i started to cloth diaper so i could see cuteness on his bum!

  66. Heidi Daily says:

    I first started looking into cloth diapers when I was pregnant with my first child because I knew I would not be going back to work and was looking for a way to save money and was pleasantly surprised at how cute and easy they are and loved knowing they are better for my baby and the environment

  67. Megan s lloyd says:

    The long term cost savings and blowout prevention lol

  68. Nikole H. says:

    My number one reason was for the cost savings!

  69. Reanna Wesley says:

    I am going to cloth diaper because it is going to save a lot of money and it is good for the environment.

  70. Ashley H says:

    We wanted something more earth friendly, kid friendly, and pocket book friendly.

  71. Danielle says:

    I started cloth diapering for the environment. I just hated thinking about diapers in the trash for hundreds of years :(

  72. rachel ritchie says:

    Decided to cloth diaper to save money, better for the environment and better for baby’s bum :)

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  74. Amanda says:

    I will be cloth diapering because it is cheaper than disposables.

  75. Melinda Ciaccia says:

    I started cloth diapering to save money!!

  76. Denee M. says:

    I considered because we would save money in the long run, also should we have more children later we can use the diapers again and the resale on diapers are really good too. And for enviromental reasons.

  77. Julie M. says:

    I started cloth diapering my son when he was 2 months old and started to save money! That it has!!!

  78. Knocked Up and Nursing says:

    We started cloth because i noticed how cute it was. But after much research learned that it was the best for my baby! No chemicals near her skin! With our fourth baby in 5 years on the way, It has also been a big money saver!

  79. I started cloth diapering to save money, but I keep doing it because of the cute fluffy bum!

  80. Linda says:

    To save money

  81. bonnie rodriguez says:

    i figured it would be better for my babes bum and less rashes and save money is a plus

  82. melissa mailly says:

    started cd’ing to save money and for the comfort of my baby!

  83. Rebecca Orr says:

    Initially, I wanted to save a little money. Now I am doing it to save money, my little one has a super cute bum, and we are helping the environment.
    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  84. Charlene H. says:

    To save money

  85. Beth B. says:

    To save money and to make diaper changes fun!

  86. Charlotte Robinson says:

    I want to start because they are cute and so much better for the environment.

  87. Brit W says:

    Bout 2 months ago…

  88. Christena says:

    I want to start (waiting to adopt a newborn) to reduce # of chemicals used on/near my baby, also money savings, environmentally sound, so stinkin’ cute!

  89. Elizabeth S. says:

    I started cloth diapering because I came to believe it was much safer for my children.

  90. Ashlyn says:

    Because they’re soft and cute, and I wanted to save money. :)

  91. Nichol Bey says:

    I started cloth diapering first to make my oldest daughters rash go away and second to save $. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  92. Cassy @ Reading by Candlelight says:

    we started cloth diapering because disposables gave my daughter rashes

  93. Danialle Meyers says:

    I decided to cloth diaper my first baby (still in belly) because it will save us a ton of money :)

  94. Natalie Violet says:

    So many reasons! Health, cuteness, cost, less waste. Why not?

  95. I started because it was better for the environment

  96. Rachel Clark says:

    I started using cloth diapers because my baby was getting the worst rashes from the dispoable ones that would bleed and never heal. Once we switched her over to cloth the healed right up and we have not had a problem since.

  97. deltaflute says:

    my husband and i were cd’d

  98. Kristyn says:

    I started cloth diapering my oldest when she started to get rashes from disposables.

  99. Alisha L. says:

    I started because I didn’t want to ever be without diapers and have to make a mad dash to the store..It just made sense to me.

  100. Sarah H says:

    I started cloth diapering when lo was 4 mo. The reason, the health benefits…. and way cuter! :D

  101. Mary Michaud says:

    to save money

  102. Laura says:

    I loved that they are cheaper, better for the baby, and the environment!

  103. Jodi J says:

    We originally starting thinking about cloth diapering as a way to save money.

  104. Stacey T says:

    To save money so I could stay home with my baby girl.

  105. hayley says:

    i started considering it years before my first baby bc i had friends that did it and i knew i wanted to have many children and not spend a ton of money on diapers!

  106. Sara says:

    Before we even had babies I was interested, knowing they would save my husband money and stress. What I didn’t know till later was how much fun I would have & how much better it is for the baby! I was thrilled to discover one sized and pockets, now I never want to go back!

  107. mp phaiah says:

    i started cloth diaper because i thought it would be more comfortable for my son!

  108. Keara B. says:

    I started cloth to save money; now I love that it’s good for my baby and the environment!

  109. Carrie says:

    I started considering cloth diapering because disposables would have been too expensive on one income. My cousin used them and also made them for a while, so I figured if she could use them, so could I.

  110. chelsea preston says:

    I will cloth diaper my little girl when she gets here in 5 weeks because I am a stay home momma and I just can’t see spending money on sposies when I am home and can wash cloth.

  111. Rachel G says:

    We started to cloth diaper for baby’s health and for the environment. We also like that it’s much cheaper than disposables.

  112. Kristi F says:

    For the cost savings

  113. Jessica K. says:

    I loved the cute fluffy diapers and saving money is always a plus.

  114. Kiley P. says:

    They are cheaper and cuter!

  115. Nica says:

    to save money!

  116. AlannaB says:

    My husband and I decided to cloth diaper because it was so cheap!

  117. Erin K says:

    I started for the environment, now it is like a hobby

  118. jade says:

    Pampers cause my daughter to have a horrible diaper rash for the first two months of her life. NO GOOD. Went cloth and will never go back.

  119. jan d. says:

    i don’t cloth diaper. i am entering to win some diapers for my grandson

  120. jennifer laur says:

    we started cloth diapering because i was feeling guilty about the amount of trash produced by using disposables, and because we wanted to save money.

  121. Haylee Brown says:

    I started cloth diapering because I had two babies in diapers and I felt like all the diapers I was throwing out was such a waste for our environment. Plus, it was expensive buying all of those diapers all of the time!!

  122. Lily Ivey says:

    We cloth diaper b/c it is better for the environment and for baby’s health. Of course, it helps that fluffy bottoms are adorable!

  123. Sarah B. says:

    I started because I wanted to save money, cloth diapers seemed more comfortable for my baby, and they were way cuter!

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  125. Jami says:

    We started to do our part environmentally, but I really love the fact that it saves us money and they are so cute!

  126. aimee p. says:

    i started cloth diapering when my son was 4 months old because i didn’t like exposing him to the chemicals in sposie diapers and cloth is cuter too

  127. christine jessamine says:

    i only started cloth diapering a month ago

  128. Mahina Sayin says:

    I wanted to save money!

  129. Therese Hart says:

    I started to CD to save money.

  130. I wanted something soft for my baby’s bum.

  131. Delaniey Starks says:

    To save money

  132. Ashley B says:

    I started to save money. I quit my job so I could stay home with our son and thought that was a good way to save some green.

  133. Joana A says:

    i started cloth diapering when my son was 2 weeks old, 8 months ago already!

  134. Alycia M says:

    It is a lot cheaper saves a lot of money!

  135. Lindsay Case says:

    To save thousands. But I also love the cuteness, saving environment and safer for baby.

  136. Cassandra Williams says:

    I really wanted to try them. Then I LOVED it because I could get really cute diapers that would end up saving money and would be green.

  137. Jennifer Johansen says:

    We started cloth diapering because of the environmental impact. I hate waste!

  138. Hannah Avery says:

    for the cheaper cost and naturalness of it.


  139. Rebekah says:

    It makes my budget happy, it is good for the environment and my baby, and cloth diapers are cute.

  140. We started cloth diapering because I figured it would save us some money and I work from home so it wouldn’t be a big time thing for us. Now we do it because I’m addicted!

  141. Krystal says:

    Started cloth diapering to save money!

  142. I want to use CD with our next baby because they seem more comfortable and also can save money. :)

  143. I decided to start cloth diapering for the health benefits and for economical reasons.

  144. Jenny K says:

    For health reasons. I wanted to avoid the chemicals in disposable diapers.

  145. Momof Magnus says:

    it is a moneysaver!

  146. Aisha Holley says:

    Help save us money!

  147. Nikki says:

    I am doing it to save some money, but I love that it is a green solution for our family as well

  148. Felicia R says:

    We started because we hated how much trash we were creating with disposables. After a few months of settling into being a new mom we decided to give them a try and have been hooked ever since!

  149. LaTishanFlowers says:

    My baby had a bad rash at 2 wks old…and also for the environment and the cd’s are just cute!

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