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Our Marshmallow is Here!

8.1 lbs & 20" Long ~ Lil' Joey by Rumparooz

On June 23, 2012 my water broke and after about 2 hrs of active labor, with each contraction getting more and more intense … Marshmallow was born. Thanks to the wonderful support of my husband and mom-in-law and the nurses and doctor I was able to deliver naturally… NO pain meds. I did ask for them but I was [...]

3rd Trimester Countdown ~ Marshmallow

Marshmallow 34 wks & 4 days

I think we have everything Marshmallow needs and then some but for some reason I still feel unprepared. I’ve had 4 babies before so I have a good idea of what baby really needs but this time around I’m much older (about uhhumm 30 yrs old come June …). So I also know what would [...]

Birthday Wishs for my Princess

My little girl is now 14 years old but when I look at her I see the tiny little baby I adore. I remember when she was a few days old I went through 6 rolls of film in about 3 hours. All she did was lay there, probably a little blind from all the [...]

Getting Bigger

Okay, I skipped a month and now it’s March but I’m officially 24 wks now… 6 months.

Pregnant w/ Marshmallow

I am 22wks and 5 days pregnant. I’ve managed to take a picture of myself at least once a month since we found out we were expecting. Below, I share those with you. Enjoy! (I still need to get one for Feb 2012!)