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Newborn Stash Cloth Diaper Giveaway – (Ends 10/20/12)

newborn stash 13OCT

Win a HUGE STASH of newborn and one-size cloth diapers! Welcome to the Newborn Stash Cloth Diaper Giveaway hosted by Daily Mothering and a group of fantastic bloggers! This incredible giveaway event is sponsored by Kissed By The Moon, a cloth diaper and natural parenting store. Together we are giving away a huge prize of [...]

2012 Mother’s Day **** $50 Cloth Diaper Prize Pack *** Giveaway (Ends 5/12/12)


Mother’s Day is almost here and we are celebrating with our love for cloth diapers! Welcome to the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop hosted by Daily Mothering! Nearly 100 blogs have linked up to bring you dozens and dozens of exciting cloth diaper giveaways. Enter my giveaway below and then hop to the other [...]

Cloth Diapering 101 – The Modern Diaper: What’s it made of?

Cloth Diaper Collage

Several structural components make up a modern diaper but most importantly — it is made of reusable materials. The main structural components include: a waterproof outer-cover, an inner lining¬†(may not always be included in the design), a fastening system, and an absorbent material. Typically, modern cloth diapers have a waterproof outer-cover made of a laminated [...]

Cloth Diapering Fun!?

One of the 3 reasons I want to cloth diaper my baby is because it sounds and looks fun. Sure, I haven’t actually done it and yes I’m dealing with poop and pee but I’m a nurse and I’ve worked as a¬†nursing assistant before. I’ve seen more than just poop and pee (stool and urine) [...]